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Imperial Custom Concrete is a privately held Colorado Limited Liability Company that provides comprehensive, environmentally friendly solutions for the mining, oil & gas, and transportation industries. With over 20 years of experience, industry research and program development, The Paradigm Group evaluates and analyzes the customers needs to develop a program with customized products and processes to achieve the most efficient and cost effective solution. We have committed ourselves to provide unparalleled customer service and program development based on analytical data and industry knowledge.

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What We Believe

Our values are part of the foundation that unites us.
Here’s what it means to be on the TPG team.


Speaking up and speaking our minds feels empowered to us. All of us benefit from candid truthfulness by feeling valued, included, and heard. Our projects can move forward together if we bring all honest ideas to the table.


In the office and on the job site, TPG holds ourselves accountable for our actions. Our word is our bond, we hold each other accountable for our actions.


Taking the time to understand each other’s unique experiences is an essential part of the relationship. This creates an air of trust, respect, and camaraderie that permeates everything we do, from meeting clients to working on job sites.

Dynamic Culture

Our goal is to serve our communities and make ourselves better with every project we undertake. We like to learn, innovate, and share our experiences.


Whether we are doing what we love alongside others who are doing what they love, or exploring new ones, at TPG, we thrive with the passions we have and are autonomous in our pursuits.

Our career opportunities could take you to one of our many locations.


Stunning structures, sustainably built

Civil Infrastructure

Connecting & supplying our communities

Heavy Industrial

Building the future of industry

Industry Solutions
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