Environment & Community

Committed to Our Environment & Community

With these ideals at heart, TPG pursues products and practices that are more environmentally sensitive than industry standards. We strive to be the industry leader.

Sustainability for generations

Our road solutions (deicing, anti-icing, dust control, soil stabilization, and erosion control) are driven by innovation so that travel and exploration are safer. Furthermore, they are designed and optimized to be more efficient while using less energy. Our products are designed to protect trees, vegetation, and water resources by using them. This results in better value for customers and a reduced environmental impact. By doing so, we help sustain the environment and bring communities together for generations to come.

Impacting our community

The company has committed to the environment and community since 1989. Here is a quick sampling of our involvement in the community:

Donating Time and Money for Local Housing Needs

We are extremely proud to acknowledge all those who have donated their time, money, or both to help build a new home for a family in need. This effort could not have happened without everyone’s help.

Donating and Delivering for Local Food Needs

In addition, several of our employees volunteer to deliver food prepared by Weld County Food Bank twice a week to Boys & Girls Club members.

Supporting Local Education

We have adopted Shawsheen Elementary School through the Better Schools Better Community program. In addition to providing financial support to Shawsheen, we also conducted summer science camps, reaching 500+ students. The Greeley Chamber of Commerce acknowledged this effort.

Serving on the Board for the Local Boys & Girls Club Chapter

The Weld County Boys and Girls Club receives significant funding from TPG. TGP Services is a major sponsor of the Annual Raffle-Auction-Dinner event, which provides significant funding for the club’s programs.
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