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From P3s and EPC delivery methods to preconstruction services, we’re ready to support your needs.


From engineering to preconstruction, we offer a variety of services and delivery methods.


From maintenance and turnarounds to modular construction and fabrication, we offer a wide array of industrial services.

Special Projects

Unique solutions for specialized needs. Using a hands-on, individualized approach to Special Projects, the division consistently delivers exceptional outcomes for new and repeat clients across North America.
What We Offer

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Deicing Liquids

When extreme and adverse weather hits, choose from an effective and proven line of products that fights ice on contact, stops ice from bonding to surfaces, and prevents water from freezing

Granular Deicers

Each storm provides unique challenges that require unique solutions. Whether you need bulk sodium or a designer ice melt, we’ll provide a solution for you.

Dust Control

From municipalities to mine operations, we’ve got you covered. Please inquire about our custom solutions.

Soil Stabilization

Our company provides integrity-driven dust control & soil stabilization solutions for a wide range of applications


TPG will work with customers to provide a solution to any given environmental erosion situation based on three principles: use the land according to its capabilities, protect the soil surface with some form of cover, and control runoff before it becomes an erosive force.

Oil & Gas

We offer a unique and customizable line of clay stabilizers, heavy brines, and cementing salts for your downhole needs.

Road Maintenance

TPG is the leading chip and seal paving contractor on the Western Slope of Colorado. We have the knowledge and the industry expertise to deliver a chip and seal paving job guaranteed to last.

Concrete Treatment

Our line of concrete treatments work from the inside out, creating strong bonds from internal chemical reactions once they are applied.

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