Civil Infrastructure

Civil Infrastructure

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Critical Infrastructure

Civil construction is a challenging industry due to its geographical diversity, complexity of projects, and public nature, which requires a high level of technical construction expertise. The civil construction specialists at TPG have the ingenuity and experience to undertake any civil structure imaginable, whether on land or on water, in busy cities or remote areas.
Connecting & supplying our communities
A growing number of civil infrastructure clients depend on our efforts to enhance the availability of clean water to rehabilitate aging infrastructure. In busy cities or remote areas, we find the best way forward and elevate your vision of success whether you are building on land or over water.

Elevating Your Vision

Providing you with a single point of contact from start to finish
Our civil team is backed by a team of thousands of professionals that strives to innovate and provide clients with cost-effective and timely infrastructure solutions. We work with clients to accomplish their goals, earn their trust, and provide excellent customer service.
Your Trusted Advisor
In order to maintain our reputation, employees know that future work depends on it. As a result, we are committed to meeting and exceeding the contractual requirements for quality. To monitor, assess, and track performance, our teams develop comprehensive, well-coordinated plans. With our expertise in technical and innovative construction methods, we are able to address all of your civil infrastructure challenges.
Tech Meets Civil Infrastrcture
In addition to developing and employing a variety of innovative solutions, our teams add value to our clients by applying a wide range of techniques and approaches. Technology can help reduce costs, improve environmental protection, and speed up schedules when it comes to earthwork sequencing and construction feasibility reviews.

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From P3s and EPC delivery methods to preconstruction services, we’re ready to support your needs.


From engineering to preconstruction, we offer a variety of services and delivery methods.


From maintenance and turnarounds to modular construction and fabrication, we offer a wide array of industrial services.

Special Projects

Unique solutions for specialized needs. Using a hands-on, individualized approach to Special Projects, the division consistently delivers exceptional outcomes for new and repeat clients across North America.
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