Heavy Industrial

Heavy Industrial

Our team walks with our clients through the entire process, from planning to execution to maintenance.

Heavy Industrial: Building the future of industry

In addition to petrochemicals, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, electricity and renewable energy, TPG’s industrial construction companies serve a wide range of industries. In addition to mechanical, civil and electrical construction, our experts specialize in shutting down and restarting plants.
Tailored Solutions
TPG has executed projects of every scope and size across a variety of markets across the United States. Our deep experience and relationships allow us to provide clients with a variety of delivery and commercial terms, from fabrication to site execution to ongoing facility maintenance. We provide a fully tailored solution from fabrication to site execution to ongoing facility maintenance.

From Vision to Execution

Fabrication & Modularization
Its fabrication and modularization facilities are located in both the United States and Canada, making TPG a trusted fabricator of industrial construction and maintenance elements. Whether it’s a pipe spool, a skid, or a vessel, TPG has the experience and capacity to handle it all. Providing you with efficiency with our semi-automated and lean construction methods and our material resource planning ensures that your project stays on track.
Engineering & Planning
Our team of highly engaged construction engineers has decades of experience in lift engineering to serve the needs of TPG’s projects. We provide truly customized solutions to unique problems with our in-house design capabilities, which include 3D modeling and finite element analysis. Whether it’s planning a heavy lift on site or coordinating its execution, TPG’s construction engineers provide support and experience.
Full-Service Scalable Project Delivery
Using our knowledge and previous work experience, TPG is able to adjust and adapt based on the specific needs of your project. Our engineers work with us to design customized programs, implement lean construction methods and work on your project from start to finish. In order to save money and improve productivity, TPG embraces workface planning in our projects. In short, it means getting the right stuff to the right people at the right time.
Maintenance, Turnarounds, and Outages
Maintaining and turning around assets has been one of TPG’s strengths across North America. Through our partnership with our clients, we reduce production costs and ensure the reliability and performance of their assets. It is our goal to manage your project effectively and efficiently. With our embedded planners at the start of a project, we can plan and execute the full scope of work and adjust quickly as the site needs change.

Ready to Work Together?

Whether you have a project in mind and you’re looking for a reliable construction partner or you’re looking to take the next step in your career, we want to hear from you!
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From P3s and EPC delivery methods to preconstruction services, we’re ready to support your needs.


From engineering to preconstruction, we offer a variety of services and delivery methods.


From maintenance and turnarounds to modular construction and fabrication, we offer a wide array of industrial services.

Special Projects

Unique solutions for specialized needs. Using a hands-on, individualized approach to Special Projects, the division consistently delivers exceptional outcomes for new and repeat clients across North America.
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